ResyOS Reopening Steps Post COVID-19

60 Minutes- Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST and Tuesday at 10:00 am EST (3:00 pm BST)

We'll be walking you through how to reopen your inventory when you are ready to open your doors after COVID-19 and how to make any necessary adjustments to align with your local guidelines. This webinar goes along with our comprehensive reopening checklist.

Your Restaurant Post COVID-19

60 Minutes- Monday and Thursday at 12:00 pm EST

This webinar walks owners and operators through a realistic deep-dive into the staffing, ordering, and operational viability of your restaurant in a post-COVID-19 dining landscape. We will offer insights and guidance to evaluate your existing business model and restructure your operations for greater resiliency amidst the uncertainty.

Intro to ResyOS on iPad

60 Minutes - Tuesday 4:00 pm & Thursday 3:00 pm

Intro to ResyOS on the iPad is a 60 minute thorough walk-through of how to use Resy at your host stand. This webinar is recommended for managers, hosts, servers, and anyone who will be interacting with Resy during service.

Some highlighted topics we’ll be covering are making and updating reservations, using the floorplan view before and in service, managing a waitlist, iPad navigation, understanding your availability, and managing guest information and communications.

Intro to Resy Dashboard

45 Minutes - Wednesday 1:00 pm EST

Resy Dashboard is the browser based management tool for your restaurant settings. This Webinar is intended for managers and team members who would be making changes to the various aspects of your venue management. Topics covered include navigating each section of the Resy Dashboard and a brief overview of Service settings. We recommend attending the Intro to ResyOS on iPad Webinar or having familiarity with ResyOS before attending this Webinar.

Advanced Reservation Management

45 Minutes - Monday 1:00 pm EST

Advanced Reservation Management goes in depth on advanced reservation strategy by further utilizing the features and functionality of Resy. This training is for users who have a thorough understanding of ResyOS and the Dashboard and are looking to manage and grow their business by maximizing reservation capabilities.

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