Take advantage of Resy at Home's Pickup Feature to offer your guests a special at-home experience. Your pickup meals will be highlighted separately from your dine-in reservations on Resy.com and can be managed easily alongside dine-in service from the host stand in ResyOS.

Clicking 'Order Pickup' will take your guests to the pickup details for the pickup meal and allow the guest to choose their pickup time from the dropdown based on your shift settings.

How to Setup Resy Pickup Meals

To start you'll need to create a pickup floor plan using the Floor Plan Editor in the ResyOS iPad app. Open the ResyOS app and tap the restaurant name and select "Edit Floor Plans" from the dropdown menu.

Tap the current floor plan name at the top of the editor to access the floor plan manager tool.

Tap the '+' to add a new floor plan. Name your new floor plan and select 'add pickup floor plan'. Pickup floor plans will not count toward pacing for dine-in service and will show up separately in the Resy Dashboard shift settings where you'll customize your pickup meal offering.

Next, you'll need to create the tables for your pickup floor plan. When creating your pickup floor plan, it's important to determine the following:

  • How many max orders would you like to offer at any given time? - this will determine the total # of tables you need to build on the pickup floor plan.
  • For each order placed what party size range would you like to accept? - this will determine the min/max seats you should designate on each table.

It's recommended to name your pickup tables 'pickup' and use unique pickup table numbers like p-1, p-2, p-3, etc. This will make these tables easier to identify as pickup in your shift settings.

Save the floor plan to complete!

Next, you'll need to visit the Resy Dashboard online to access your shift settings where you'll apply the new floor plan to your shifts and customize the content, price and availability for your pickup.

From the Resy Dashboard, click the graph icon in the top left corner and select 'Service' from the dropdown.

To access your recurring shifts, navigate to the 'Shift Settings' Tab. Here you'll click the three dots icon in the top right corner of each shift you'd like to offer pickup for. To start your pickup meal-offering now, click edit shift. If you'd like to start selling pickup meals on a future date, select 'copy shift' and set the 'start date' as the date you'd like the new shift to replace your current shift.

From the shift editor, you'll see your new pickup floor plan in 'Step 2 Service Settings'. Toggle the pickup floor plan ON to add it to your shift.

Next in 'Step 3 Availability', you'll choose 'More Customization' to access your availability grid. Here you'll scroll down to your pickup floor plan tables to set the desired availability. It's recommended to use the 'Walk-in' status for any times you don't want to offer pickup to be sure they are not bookable online or in-house. In the example below, we're offering pickup meals only in 30 minute intervals from the start of the shift with the last pickup time of 8 pm.

Next, you'll navigate to 'Step 6 Pickup' to add your pickup meal details, price and cancellation policy.

In 'Step 6 Pickup', you'll select the tables from your pickup floor plan and customize the details. Each table can only have one offering, but if you'd like to offer more than one pickup meal-offering for your guests to choose you can customize half of your tables with one offering and the other half with another.

Choose the 'Pickup Name' and add in 'Menu Highlights' to inform your guests what is included with their pickup meal purchase.

The 'Off-Market Time' will determine when these pickup orders will come offline automatically ahead of the pickup time. For example, if you need 2 hours heads up to fulfill a pickup order you can set the 'Off-Market Time' to two hours prior to the reservation time OR if you don't want any new pickup orders coming in once the shift has started you can set the 'Off-Market Time' to the start of the shift.

Next, you'll enter the pricing information. Choose a base price, gratuity options and a cancellation policy.

When you've completed your customizations, click 'Update Shift' in the bottom right corner to save.

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