Resy at Home allows you to offer memorable pickup meal experiences to your guests and send hospitality home. The functionality works best for meal kits, family-style meals, grocery boxes, and large format dinners. Resy at Home currently doesn't offer an à la carte style of ordering instead it provides a more curated dining experience for your guests. Below is an example of a restaurant offering a meal package for pickup.

Resy can help diversify the meal experiences you share with guests and add an alternative revenue stream. If you'd like to use Resy to offer pickup meal options, please fill out this pickup request form and our team will follow up to begin the process of building out your menu.

Your pickup meals will be highlighted separately from your dine-in reservations on and can be managed easily alongside dine-in service from the host stand in ResyOS. Clicking 'Order Pickup' will take your guests to the pickup details for the pickup meal and allow the guest to choose their pickup time from the dropdown based on your shift settings.

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