This article will walk you through how to make edits to the verbiage, price, cancellation policy & availability of your Resy Pickup Meals.

To make edits to your Resy Pickup, visit the Resy Dashboard to access your shift settings. From the Resy Dashboard, click the graph icon in the top left corner and select 'Service' from the dropdown.

To access your recurring shifts, navigate to the 'Shift Settings' Tab. Here you'll click the three dots icon in the top right corner of each shift you'd like to edit. To make an edit to your pickup meal-offering that starts now, click edit shift. If you'd like your edits to start on a future date, select 'copy shift' and set the 'start date' as the date you'd like the new shift to replace your current shift.

Editing Your Pickup Meal Availability

If you'd like to make edits to the number of pickup meals and times you'd like to make available for pickup, navigate to 'Step 3 Availability' in the shift editor and choose 'More Customization' to access your availability grid. Here you'll scroll down to your pickup floor plan tables to edit the desired availability. It's recommended to use the 'Walk-in' status for any times you don't want to offer pickup to be sure they are not bookable online or in-house. In the example below, we're offering pickup meals only at 30-minute intervals from the start of the shift with the last pickup time at 10 pm.

*If you need to increase the number of tables available or party sizes on your pickup floor plan you'll need to do this using the Floor Plan Editor in the ResyOS iPad app ahead of editing your shifts.

Editing Your Pickup Description, Menu Highlights, Off Market Time, Price & Cancellation Policy

If you are changing menu items or replacing your pickup with a completely new offering, visit 'Step 6 Pickup' in the shift editor to customize your pickup content. You'll see your pickup tables grouped by each experience you are offering. Click the edit pencil icon to make your edits. Here you can edit the 'Pickup Name' and add/remove/replace your 'Menu Highlights'.

As you scroll down through the edit window you'll see the option to edit the 'Off-Market Time' to determine when these pickup orders will come offline automatically ahead of the pickup time. For example, if you need 2 hours heads up to fulfill a pickup order you can set the 'Off-Market Time' to two hours prior to the reservation time OR if you don't want any new pickup orders coming in once the shift has started you can set the 'Off-Market Time' to the start of the shift.

Next, you'll see the pricing information. Here you can edit base price per person, gratuity options, and cancellation policy.

When you've completed your edits, click 'Update Shift' in the bottom right corner to save.

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