How can my guests find details about events I'm hosting?

Every event has a distinct Event Details page that’s visible on, the widget, and the consumer app. The Event Details page has all the information a guest needs to know about the event without having to start booking to learn more.

You can link to these event details pages (and the widget version of Event Details) from any email marketing campaigns or websites to drive interest and reservations for your events.

What types of events does Resy support?

Resy supports both General Admission and Assigned Seating events. For General Admission, you can sell however many tickets you want regardless of the number of seats in your floor plan. The same availability types (online, in-house, walk-in) and channels functionality will apply to general admission events.

General admission events have their own experience in the iPad, which includes a full screen guest list. For checking in both partial and full parties, just swipe right on the name of the party in the iPad.

Can I offer different ticket packages for guests at my event?

Yes, you can set up different packages, like basic, deluxe, and premium, as options for your guests to pick from. This allows you to offer VIP experiences at a higher price point and test different package and pricing models for your events.

Can I build a draft of my event before putting it online?

Yes, if you have a separate marketing team or need more time to get images and content ready before your event goes live online, you can create the event and even start booking in-house tickets before having all the marketing materials ready.

How can I track sales once my event is live?

You can see real-time analytics for sales in our new Event Management Page in the ResyOS dashboard. You can see ticket sales (or covers booked if it's a seated event) by day, package type, and availability type.

Can I run an event alongside my standard service?

Yes, you have the option to run your event alongside normal service and avoid any confusion with your normal pacing, inventory, and the Resy OS experience.

Can I customize emails and text messages for my events?

Email and text communications are customizable for each event. You can create custom confirm, change and cancel emails as well as confirmation and reminder texts. Both the words and timing of confirmation and reminder texts are customizable. You can also disable these messages completely if you prefer.

Can guests use the Resy Notify feature for sold out events?

If an event is completely sold out, guests will be able to set a notify for the event and get alerted if any new availability comes online. Notifies for events will work the same way they do for standard service and guests will see their event notifies alongside any regular notifies they have set in their profile.

How do guests manage their event reservations in their Resy account?

Guests will see their event reservations alongside their standard reservations in their profile. Guests can change and cancel their reservations and also invite guests to an event reservation.

You will see a dedicated reservation report for your event and be able to change and cancel events directly from there like you can for standard reservations.

How does the event show up in the ResyOS app on my iPad during my event?

Events have their own distinct shift view on the iPad. You can see all reservations associated with a given event in one place, and switch between shifts seamlessly if your event is alongside standard service.

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