Resy maximizes turns per table by pre-assigning your reservations to tables. Table assignments can be changed from either the floor plan or the timeline view. Follow the instructions below:  

Option 1: Changing a Table Assignment from the Floor Plan View 

  1. Find the reservation on the booked list located to the left of the floor plan.

  2. Tap the table number to the right of the party size on the booked list.

  3. This will illuminate any tables that can accommodate the reservation party size (you can still select any table you'd like).

  4. Tap the table you'd like to assign to the reservation. If your party size is larger than the table size, you'll be prompted to select more than one table. Click done at the top once you've selected enough tables.


Option 2: Changing a Table Assignment from the Timeline View 

  1. Hold your finger down on the reservation you'd like to move. 

  2. Drag the reservation to the table of your choice.

  3. Release your finger.

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