Please Note: If the guest cancels or is marked as a "no-show" and violates the policy, you will decide whether or not to charge the them. This is not an automated process. Disbursement of these fees to the restaurant's bank account can take up to 14 days.

How do I know I can charge the guest?

If a cancellation or no-show reservation falls within the cancellation policy, a little red icon with a "!" in a circle will appear below their name on the "Xcl/No Show" List. 

How do I Manually Charge the Fee?

  1. Tap on the reservation from the "Xcl/No Show" list that is eligible to be charged (Marked by the red exclamation point icon - above) 

  2. Tap the icon with an "!" located on the green bar in the reservation profile screen

     3. Select your name from the accountability screen and tap "Charge"

     4. Cancellation fee funds will be disbursed directly to your bank account on file. 

Please Note: Only those users with the permission to 'Charge cancel fee' will be able to make the charge. Read more about giving users permissions here.

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