Closing a Day or Service Period 

  1. In your Ipad or IOS device, on the top right corner of your ResyOS screen tap the calendar icon - third icon from the right.

  2. Scroll to the date you'd like to close and hold your finger down on the date.

  3. Slide left to "Close".

  4. Select whether you want to close all day or for a service period. 

  5. Type a description (ex. buyout, private party, renovation, holiday) [optional and is only seen in house, not guest-facing] 

  6. If you want to have a note pop-up when you go to that date, toggle on "Prompt with Note".

  7. Tap "Add note and close for day".

Reopening a Day or Service Period

  1. On the top right corner of your screen tap the calendar icon and "View All Notes" from the pop-up.

  2. Hold down with your finger on the date you want to re-open.

  3. Swipe left towards the "Close" icon

  4. Tap "Open". 

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