To manage your waitlist, all guests are required to have a phone number. This will allow the host to add, text, and seat guests when their tables are ready. 

Adding a Guest to the Waitlist

  1. In the top far right corner, tap the Waitlist Button second from the left that looks like a clock.

  2. Select the party size and quote time by scrolling on each column in the Waitlist Module.

  3. Add the guest's phone number.

  4. Add a description (not required). (Ex. Red hat by bar) 

  5. Tap "Add". 


Messaging a Guest on the Waitlist 

Guests can be texted directly through the app to let them know their table is ready. To learn more about utilizing automated waitlist SMS, click here. To set up Quick Replies/Canned Waitlist Messages to easily text guests, you can find instructions here. Below are instructions on how to utilize Quick Reply Waitlist Messages.

  1. Tap the guest you want to text 

  2. Tap "Chat"

  3. Tap the "Quick Reply Bubble" next to the left of the text box to use your default waitlist message 

  4. Tap "Send" 

  5. A white bubble will show up if the guest texts back, and then will turn grey upon opening the message and/or responding. 

Note: The first time under the waitlist's guest name is the time they were added to the waitlist. The time next to that is counting down from the quoted wait time. Once it gets to 0 minutes, it will start counting up in red font to let you know by how much the quoted time was missed. 

Seating a Guest from the Waitlist 

  1. Tap the Arrow next to the name of the guest you want to seat OR drag the name to a table by holding down on the guest 

  2. Tap the table you want to plot them on 

  3. Click their Status Icon (time icon to the left of their name)

  4. Tap "Seated" 


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