Password protection for certain actions can be set-up by visiting the User Permissions section of the Resy Dashboard. - Only users designated as Admins or with the permission to 'manage users' will have access to this section of the Dashboard. The following actions can be password protected:

  • Creating unassigned reservations
  • Booking and assigning reservations to in-house inventory
  • Closing and opening days and shifts 
  • Adding and removing blocks on tables 
  • Editing floor plans and tables
  • Disabling online reservations for a shift

When performing an action that is password protected, users will be prompted to enter the password. If entered incorrectly, the action will fail. 

Specific users can be marked as exempt from password protection. These exempt users can perform any action in Resy without having to enter the password. Logins with Admin access can manage these exemptions under the User Permissions menu in the Dashboard.  Click here for a detailed walkthrough on user creation, permissions & roles.

Here are some examples of how Password Protection can be used:

Blocking a Table Example:

Booking Reservations on an In-House Table Example:

If a user enters the wrong password, they will be notified via a pop-up and the action will fail: 

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