Below you'll find instructions on how to import your future and past year's reservation report from OpenTable ERB:

  1. You will need a thumb drive.

  2. Go to ‘Reports’ section on the lefthand side of the touchscreen monitor.

  3. Click ‘Reservation and Cancellation’, then change settings to: Report Options Tab- set dates for the current date + one year in the future, choose all shifts, select "Reservations" under Report typeReservation and Guest Codes- changed the “and” to “or”, nothing elseOutput Options- in “Show” section, click Guest Phone Numbers, Guest Notes, Guest Codes, and Company Name

  4. Click “Generate Report”

  5. Click on "Export" on the top left corner of the report. Then select Text Format (txt) for the file. It’s important to save as a txt file, and not xcl.

  6. Save the report to your computer.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 and generate a reservation report for the past year.

  8. Save the file (usually in My Computer > My Documents > Opentable > Exports) and copy it to the thumb drive and send them to your Implementation Specialist.

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