Resy optimizes our website to assist diners in finding the correct place to book. In addition to those efforts, we’d like to provide you with the tools to improve your own SEO and increase traffic to Resy booking links.

We've listed out best practices to optimize search engine results for your own website and links:

Remove your Web-Presence on Other Reservation Sites:

  • Reach out to your previous reservation provider with a request to take down your page.

  • Please let us know if your reservation platform says they won't act on your request.

Suggest an Edit on your Google Knowledge Panel

  • Googling your restaurant will bring you to the Google Knowledge Panel on the right of Google search web results.  If your previous reservation platform link is showing up under "Reservations" you can do the following:Click "Suggest an edit" Click the pencil icon on the reservation section Click your previous reservation's link Click "Send" at the bottom 

Fill out a Webspam Report

  • Address of specific webpage that is misbehaving: (Required)

  • Enter: URL of your previous reservation platform venue page.

  • Exact query that shows a problem (copy this from the Google search box): (Optional)

  • Search on Google for “(Name of Restaurant) Reservations”

  • Enter: That search URL

  • For "Additional Details”, you can use the following sentence.

  • “My previous reservation provider is publishing a "reservation" landing page that does not offer reservations for my restaurant and is not on their network. The page is capturing traffic from Google search results causing harm to my restaurant.”

Submit your Updated Webpage to Google for Indexing:

Ensure Your Widget Code is Installed Correctly 

You can check that widget code is installed correctly by hovering your mouse over the ‘Book Now’ button and confirm that the URL appearing on the bottom left corner of the page is your link.

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