You'll want to match the number of outposts you have with your current table management system (for example, 1-2 iPads at host stand and 1 in office, per restaurant). 

Full List of Compatible iPads

iPad Recommendations

  • iPad Pro 12.9" - Recommended for the host stand for it's larger screen and faster processing system

  • iPad 9.7" or Larger  - Great for the host stand and for use in the office

Case & Keyboard Recommendations

For other security cases we recommend Maclocks

How to Hardwire your iPad

To hardwire the iPad you'll need 2 pieces of equipment plus an ethernet cable.  If you were previously on OpenTable terminal, you should had a port at the host stand.



  1. Plug the Lightning to USB3 Adapter into the iPad charging port. This allows a USB to be plugged in while simultaneously charging the iPad

  2. Plug the USB to Ethernet Adapter into the USB Port from Step 1

  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet Adapter and the ethernet port

If hardwiring the iPad is not an option, we recommend adding an additional router close to the host stand or using a wifi range extender.

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