Recommended iPads
You'll want to match the number of outposts you have with your current table management system (for example, 1-2 iPads at host stand and 1 in office, per restaurant). 

We recommend buying a refurbished iPad for cost savings. You can find these directly through Apple's website, where they will be Certified Refurbished and include a 1-year warranty. You can also shop around to find the best deals at other retail stores. Walmart and Target often offer steep discounts on new and pre-owned iPads. Feel free to shop around for the best deals, or reach out to your Implementation Specialist for more suggestions.

  • iPad Pro 12.9" - Recommended for the host stand for it's larger screen and faster processing system
  • iPad 9.7" or Larger  - Great for the host stand and for use in the office

For other security cases we recommend Maclocks

Hardwire iPad

To hardwire the iPad you'll need 2 pieces of equipment plus an ethernet cable.  If you were previously on OpenTable terminal, you should had a port at the host stand.

  1. Lightning to USB3 Adapter:  Plugs directly into the iPad charging port and allows a USB to be plugged in while simultaneously charging the iPad 
  2. USB to Ethernet Adapter: This plugs into the USB port (Step 1) and will connect your Ethernet Cable to your ethernet port.
  3. Ethernet Cable: Buy the shortest cord possible for your needs

If hardwiring the iPad is not an option, we recommend adding an additional router close to the host stand or using a wifi range extender:

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