Bluetooth printers may lose connection for any of the following reasons:

1.Paper is low or out.

2.The iPad is too far from the printer. (Max 15ft)

3.Bluetooth has been disabled on the iPad.

4.The printer is not set to automatically reconnect to the iPad.


Please check for the following:

1. Check the printer for any error lights.

2. Make sure the paper isn’t low and the paper port is completely closed.

3. If applicable, check the printer’s connection status via the light on the back.

4. Verify that the iPad’s bluetooth is turned on.

5. Confirm that the printer is available in bluetooth devices and is connected.

6. Confirm that the iPad is not traveling more than 15 ft. from the printer.


If you have found that all of the above are in order and you are still having issues, please follow these steps below:

1. Confirm the power cord is connected and the printer’s power switch is in the ON position.

2. On your iPad’s home screen tap the Settings icon, then tap the Bluetooth menu.

3. Confirm that the Bluetooth toggle switch is on.

4. If Star Micronics shows Not Connected in this menu, tap the info icon, then Forget This Device.

5. With the printer powered on, press and hold the red PAIR button (1) on the back of the printer until the green indicator light (2) on the left begins to flash. Release the PAIR button.

6. Back on the iPad, Star Micronics displays under Devices after about 30 seconds. Tap Star Micronics.

After a few seconds, Connected appears next to it.

7. Confirm that the indicator light on the back of the printer has now changed to blue, indicating successful pairing.

 8. Sign in to Resy OS

9. Tap the name of the restaurant on the top left corner

10.Tap Settings.

11.Tap printing.

12. Confirm Star Micronics displays here with a check mark on the far right, indicating the printer is connected and assigned to this iPad. If you don’t see a check mark, tap Star Micronics.

13. Then Print a Chit to test and confirm the connection.

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