ResyOS Product Update 3.3
March 11, 2019

🎉 What's New 🎉

  • Automatically text guests expected wait times, wait time updates and that their table is ready  
  • Guests can confirm or cancel right from their phone
  • "Wait: Table Ready" & "Wait: Confirmed" new status icons

How it works:

  • Once you add a guest to the waitlist, they'll automatically be texted the estimated wait time.  
  • If your host updates the wait time, the guest will also automatically receive that update via text.
  • Guests and hosts can still exchange other text messages, just as before.
  • From the reservation list, upon tapping the guest status icon (to the left of the guest name) you'll see two new statuses: “Wait: Table Ready” and “Wait: Confirmed”.
  • Once the host updates the status to "table ready", the guest will be texted that their table is ready and will be held for 10 minutes, and ask for confirmation.
  • If the guest confirms, their status automatically updates to "Wait: Confirmed", if the guest cancels, they receive a polite message and they're moved to the "XCL" list.

What does it look like to my guests?

  • Try it out by adding yourself or someone on your team to the waitlist!  A fun, interactive way to show your team.

Text message history

  • All automated and manually sent text messages appear in the Messages tab of the reservation details panel, just as before.

Disabling waitlist texts for a party

  • You may want to disable waitlist texts for a particular guest.
  • To do that, tap the vertical dot menu icon in the guest profile.  
  • Texts can be re-enabled for that guest at any time.

Message copy:

  • When host adds guest to waitlist: You’ve been added to the waitlist at (restaurant name)! The estimated wait for your (party size) is (wait time host inputs). We’ll text you here when your table is ready.
  • When host updates wait time: We’ve updated your estimated wait time to (updated number of minutes), starting now. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to seat you.
  • When host updates table status to "Wait: Table Ready":  Your table at (restaurant name) is ready! We’ll hold it for 10 minutes. Please text 1 to confirm or 9 if you are no longer able to make it, and we’ll remove you from the waitlist.   
  • Guest confirmation: Great, see you soon.
  •  Guest cancellation: Thank you for the update. You have been removed from the list.

How do I get this update?

  • ResyOS release 3.3 is available for download using the same link as you normally use to update your Resy software.

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