We are excited to introduce you to our new iOS update ResyOS. Here are the highlights:

  • We have 1,200 restaurants around the world using ResyOS as of March 2019.

  • Fly is the foundation for the future of Resy.  As such, we are committing all resources to this product and will be transitioning all existing restaurants from our older OS software (Classic) to this platform. 

  • Some of the new and exciting features already available in ResyOS include in-app support on iOS and Web dashboard, dynamic table based booking times, automated waitlist messaging, and self-service administration and shift settings.

ResyOS maximizes your throughput. With this new table based inventory, reservation times do not have to be fixed - the system uses your turn times, pacing, and floor plan to determine your availability. All of which are represented on your new timeline view. 

ResyOS is more flexible, it allows you to combine reservation strategies so you can set specific times for your chef's table, have flexible availability for your dining room tables, and hold the bar seats for walk-ins. It's controllable per reservation time, per table, per shift.

With ResyOS, you're in control. We've heard you! Create and manage your schedules, shifts, availability, and more in your new web dashboard. 

To give you a better sense of what ResyOS looks like and to further expand on the new and innovative features included, please watch this brief video below. 

To schedule your transition, please sign up here. Once submitted, someone from our team will send you a setup form, provide training materials, and finalize any questions you have to make sure you and your team are setup for success. We suggest scheduling the transition one week in advance.

You can also take this opportunity to review our different packages and the features available with each. You can view the comprehensive lists here. Let us know if you'd also like to upgrade your package or add on any additional services and we'll make sure to include any new features in your new ResyOS setup. 

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