You can create new shifts or make edits to your existing shifts in your Service Settings on the Resy Dashboard HERE!

To access to the Dashboard Service Settings, the login you use must be designated as an 'Admin' for your restaurant. 

  1. Click on the Graph icon in the top left corner of the dashboard to access the dropdown menu and select "Service". 

  2. Click on "Shift Settings" to open a weekly calendar showing the current shifts that you have active this week with any shifts you have in place for future dates listed below. 

Create a New Shift: 

  1. Click the "Create a Shift" button in the top right corner. 

  2. The shift creation tool will walk you through the steps to setup all aspects of this new shift with helpful tips along the way. 

Edit an Existing Shift: 

Click the menu icon (three dots) in the top right corner of a shift will open a menu with the options to 'edit', 'copy' or 'delete'. Choosing 'edit' will open the shift details where you can make the necessary adjustments.
Please Note: Editing a shift will edit the shift for ALL DAYS this shift is active. 

To make edits to specific days, please check out: "How to Make a Single-day Edit in the Dashboard Service Settings"

Pro Tip: If your new shift is only slightly different from an existing shift, it can be much easier to 'copy' the existing shift and make a few adjustments than to start from scratch!

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