You can make quick single-day edits to a shift in your Service Settings on the Resy Dashboard HERE!

For access to the Dashboard Service Settings, the login you use must be designated as an 'Admin' for your restaurant.

  1. Click on the graph icon in the top left corner to see the Dashboard dropdown menu.
  2. Click "Service" to open your Service Settings.
  3. From the Calendar tab, click the day you'd like to edit and select "Single Day Edit". From there you can edit every aspect of the current shift for this day. 
  4. Click "Save" in the bottom right corner to finish!

In this example we edited the lunch shift to end a bit earlier on one day in order to help prepare for a special wine event that evening, but we could have also adjusted pacing, availability, turn times or reservation settings.

Pro Tips:

  • Anyone with an Admin log-in will have access to the "Service Settings".  To request additional admin log-ins, please have the current Admin for your restaurant contact our Support Team and we'll set that up!
  • Single day edits will ONLY change the shift for the specific day chosen. Edits to your default shift can be done from the "Shift Settings" tab. 
  • The edits you make to a shift will be live as soon as you hit "Save" if the shift is within your online booking window. ResyOS on the iPad may take a few minutes to reflect the changes, you can force close and re-open the app to see the changes right away. 
  • Any reservations that have already been booked on a shift that you are editing will remain in-tact. If you changed any reservation policy details (adding a cancellation fee for example), guests that were already reserved will have the original reservation details that they booked with listed in the reservation profile.

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