Visit the Resy Dashboard at  (use the same email username/password that you use for access on the iPad)

After selecting your restaurant, click the bar graph icon in the top left corner to show the drop down menu and select "Booking".

The Web Booking feature will take you through each step to successfully book for a guest. 

  1. Choose the restaurant you'd like to book at. Restaurant groups will see all of their restaurants listed here. 

  2. Select the party size.

  3. Select the desired date from the calendar view. 

  4. Select the desired time and you'll see the options appear below along with a summary of seating type and online vs in-house status. 

5.  After clicking on the desired reservation you'll be prompted to search your guestbook for the guest profile. *always lead with mobile number to search the entire Resy database for registered users

6. After searching, click on the guest profile or 'create new guest' to bring up the  reservation details. Here you can add any notes or tags you need and click on "Complete Reservation" to finish. 

7. If the date and time you are looking to book for the guest cannot accommodate the reservation, you'll see the time listed in red will "no tables available" listed beneath. Tap the three dots icon to see the options to set a notify for the guest or to overbook. 

8. Selecting 'Notify' will prompt you to enter the guest information along with the party size and time the guest would like to be alerted if there is an opening. 

9. Selecting 'Overbook' will show you your spread of covers for the shift along with the pacing you have in place. Click 'Overbook' in the bottom right corner to proceed with adding an 'unassigned table' reservation for the guest. 'Unassigned tables' will not be given a table assignment in ResyOS. It's recommended that whenever you 'Overbook' you go into ResyOS on the iPad to assign the reservation to the desired table to prevent further overbooking. 

If you need to make changes to or cancel a reservation on the web, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click the icon in the top left corner and select "Analytics" from the dropdown. 

  2. Click on the "Reservations" tab in the Analytics Dashboard

  3. Select the date of the reservation you'd like to change or cancel to bring up the reservation report for that date. 

  4. Locate the reservation on the list and click the three dots icon to bring up the "change" and "cancel" options. 

Resy Web Booking is only available for restaurant partners on our 360 and Full Stack monthly service plans. If you'd like to upgrade for access please chat us to let us know and we'll put you in contact with your Account Manager

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