Setting Up & Editing Your Resy Select Availability

To setup and edit your Resy Select Inventory, visit the Resy Dashboard online and edit your shifts from your Service > Shift Settings page.

In the shift editor, select "Availability" and you'll see an option, "More Customization", to set up your tables. From there, you will click on "Exclusive Booking Channels" to get started. 

To set up your exclusive booking channel, here are the steps:
1. Assign your table(s) to Resy Select by selecting the times for the full shift to Resy Select
2. Select your channel as "Select"
3. Select how you want your tables to expire to
4. Click "Done" & then "Update Availability" in the bottom right of your screen

If you are setting up your table(s) as slots when you are in the "Exclusive Booking Channels" section, click "Apply channels to slots". Then, you can click on "Select" when you select the slot you are setting up for Resy Select. Make sure to click on "Update Availability" in the bottom right of your screen. 

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