Resy Select Badge

Resy Select Members can be identified with the GOLD Resy Select Badge. 

The Resy Select Badge will be visible in the following places:

  • Guest Reservation Profile
  • The Reservation List 
  • The Timeline/Grid View

Resy Select Timeline View

The tables allocated to Resy Select members will appear in the timeline view with the Resy Select badge. This badge can appear two ways.

Option one: A gold highlighted bar will indicate the table bookable by Resy Select members exclusively

Option two: A gold highlighted bar will appear on an individual table slot within a selected timeframe

Resy Select Booking Modal

Resy Select tables will be grouped separately from your standard tables and you'll see the Resy Select tag beneath the table type. Inventory held for Resy Select should be avoided when making in-house reservations and kept online for Resy Select members to book. 


If you'd prefer the red VIP tag to appear as a red dot next to the guests name you can make the change in your ResyOS by following these steps:

  1. Tap the restaurant name in the top left corner to pulldown the venue settings drop down menu
  2.  Settings 
  3. Reservations 
  4. "Display VIP name on the reservation list"

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