Resy Version 3.8 is officially LIVE in the Apple App Store! 

New Features: 

  • Updated view for reservations whose turn time spans to the following shift. Now, reservations that span across multiple shifts will only show up in the reservation list of the shift that corresponds to their start time. They will continue to show on the timeline and floor plan for both shifts to help manage availability at the start of your shift. 
  • Enhanced logic when choosing the ‘best’ table assignment for new reservations. We are now making sure that tables that are not part of combos are favored over tables that are used in combos on the shift.  
  • New chit printing setting to automatically print chits every time a party is seated (regardless of notes/tags). This setting is managed in ResyOS > Settings > Printers as an option for the ‘auto-print chit’ setting it's just a new option that appears once you toggle on auto chit printing.
  • Resy Select is officially live in NYC & LA! All guests that have been invited to join the Resy Select program are notated on their Resy profile as Resy Select Members. To learn more about this new program visit the Resy Help Desk for details!


  • Fixed an issue with occasional “This Reservation Conflicts” and “Cannot Find Lock” errors pop-ups when seating walk-ins & reservations during service. 
  • Fixed an issue where the shift was automatically switching without the user selecting a new shift.
  • Fixed an issue where we were prompting for password protection but not allowing the user to enter a password to proceed. 
  • Fixed an issue where table data was slow to load in the app, causing it to look like tables were missing. 
  • Fixed an issue where ‘drag to seat’ wasn't updating the status to ‘seated’ when the reservation was already assigned to the table you were dragging to.
  • Fixed an issue where editing the turn time of a reservation on a blocked table showed blank options in the dropdown. Now when a user opts to change turn times for a reservation on a table that is blocked, we will show an alert "This turn time cannot be adjusted because the reservation is assigned to a blocked table." 
  • Fixing an issue where changes to a floor plan are not saving in certain cases.
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