Manage your restaurant's settings and Listing Information directly from the Resy Dashboard. To access the Venue Settings, after logging in, click the graph icon in the top left corner and select 'Venue' from the dropdown menu. 

You will see the following tabs along the top to choose from: Venue Details, Listing Info, Social, Banking Info, and Widget.

Venue Details

The information filled out in the Venue Details page lets guest know where the restaurant is located and how guests can contact you. 

  • Latitude/Longitude determine where your pin will be dropped on a map for guests to find. So be sure it's accurate!

  • Neighborhood will determine if your restaurant's name appears in the results when guests are searching for restaurant's in a particular neighborhoods in a city. For example, the neighborhood Upper West Side in New York City.

  • Website determines where guests are directed anywhere your website is listed as a hyperlink on Resy channels. Be sure to include the full link with http.

Listing Info

The information filled out in Listing Info determine aspects of your Resy listing and widget like the content and images guests see when booking online. As well as perimeters that define when and how guests can book like your booking window and largest party size available.

Content that Guests See

The About, Need to Know, and Menu Highlights listed here will serve as the default for all reservations.

About section is visible to the guest twice when booking a reservation. If on or the Resy app, the guest will see this message before they select a reservation time. The guest sees the message again after a reservation time is selected under the Details tab. 

Need to Know section is visible on and the Resy app or when the booking widget is opened on your website. Once a guest selects a time, they will no longer see The Need to Know.

Menu Highlights are exclusively listed on the Details tab when a guest books in a bulleted format.

Images are seen on and the Resy app and rotate through all the pictures you choose to upload. 10 photos can be added to your Resy listing. The first image will be your main image and included in your confirmation email. It is important that the photos added are .jpeg, horizontal orientation, and 2400 × 1602 resolution. 

Booking Window

The booking window determines how far in advance a guest can make a reservation online. Internally, a restaurant can always book reservations outside of the booking window. Resy offers two types of booking windows:

  • Fixed Number of Days - (most common) This is the number of days (including today’s date), that are available at all times. Example: If your booking window is 7 days, then guests will be able to book reservations up to 6 days in advance.

  • Absolute Months - If you prefer to release reservations for the entire calendar months at the same time, use this type of booking window to choose the number of months that will be live at all times. New periods are released on the 1st day of the month. Example: If you have the booking window at 2 absolute months, then during the month of January, only January and February will be available to book. On February 1st, the entire month of March will come online.

You can also customize what time you'd like new reservations to go online. The default is new days come online at 12:00am local time. You can click Customize to determine your new online time for future days.

Party Size

The range in party size listed here determines what availability guests can choose from online. 

If a guest tried to book a reservation larger than the largest party size listed here, they will see the Large Party Message. This helps guests understand the restaurant may have availability but it is not an option online.


The Social handles you enter in here for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter aren't posted anywhere for guests to see. Our marketing team uses this page to reference your restaurant and tag you in social media posts if you're featured.

Banking Info

In order to have a cancellation policy or use Prepay, banking information is required. The banking details provided here will be the account our credit card processor, Braintree, directly deposits your funds to. Until these details are provided, Braintree cannot collect funds on your behalf. Please note when filling out the information that Locality = City and Region = State initials.

If you are located outside of the United States, please contact your Account Manager to discuss banking and Braintree options. 


If you're installing your Resy widget on your website you can generate the widget code for your restaurant on this page. Click on 'Get API Key' to generate the code, enter a contact email address, and click 'Get API Key' again.

The widget code will then be generated for you to install on your website. Below where the widget code is generated are Advanced Instructions if you'd like to customize how the button appears on your website. You can also read this article on to install the widget for specific website like BentoBox, SquareSpace, and others.

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