What's in ResyOS app version 3.10? 


Single day slots changes on the iPad:
Restaurants using slots in Resy can make single day changes to their slots directly from the iPad. 

  • Edit the start time and availability of a slot
  • Edit the min and max party sizes of a slot for a single day 
  • Designate a slot as a 'manager slot' to hold back for VIPs and have more manual control over when to release the slot for general booking

Change flow updates: Streamlined the various 'change' flows in ResyOS to consistently fire the confirmation modal where needed & enhanced logic to prevent users from getting into situations where they accidentally unseat reservations that are already seated by making changes.  

Confirmation for overlapping reservations: Added a new alert when an action taken in ResyOS causes two reservations/walk-ins to overlap allowing the user to be aware of the impact of their change to prevent overbooking. The user has the option to go through with the change and allow an overlap if they choose. 

Confirmation for swaps: Optimized the swapping logic for assigning a reservation to an occupied table. A modal will now pop up to have the user confirm the swap. 


  • Fixed a bug that was causing reservations not to show up on the iPhone for some international users and devices. 
  • Fixed a bug where reservations that were booked without payment were initiated a charge when changes were made.
  • Fixed an issue where the last seating time was not showing up as an option in the booking modal when booking in-house in ResyOS.
  • Fixed an issue where the cover counts in the spread of covers were not in descending order.
  • Fixed a bug where the vertical green time indicator was overlapping with the reservation list on the timeline view.   
  • Fixed an issue in the spread of covers where the Total Covers count was including reservations overlapping from an adjacent shift.
  • Fixed an issue where brunch covers were showing up in total cover counts in the reservation list on the dinner shift.  
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