ResyOS version 3.9


Added a pop up message for restaurant trying to use the Resy pre-pay feature with no bank account on file for direct deposit. 

Chit printing fix to ensure the correct table assignment prints on the chit when dragging and dropping to seat at a newly assigned table. 

Fixed an issue causing visit stats to not load correctly on certain guest profiles

Migrated to a 'Server-side guestbook' - faster loading to show accurate results without waiting for full guestbook to load.

Enhanced the password protection feature: 

  • Added 2 new password protected actions: Saving Floor plan changes & Disabling online reservations
  • Refactored the code for password protection to make it much easier to add new protected actions in the future & make enforcement more streamlined. 
  • Fixed occasional error caused by failure to prompt users for passwords consistently throughout the app


  • Fixed - Waitlist status icons were not showing up in the status list when tapping a reservation in the reservation list.
  • Fixed -  From timeline view, dragging a reservation assigned to the table combo was not updating the time. 
  • Fixed - Timer in the reservation list was still showing for walk-in reservations marked as Done
  • Fixed -  Switching venues causes the action header bar above the timeline to disappear 
  • Fixed - Booking a slot that has a larger capacity than the table it's assigned to prompts you to select additional tables incorrectly.
  • Fixed - Issues related to how slots get displayed, specifically Select slots.
  • Added - Passing a new "Admin access" property to users in Intercom 
  • Added - The Unassigned header on the timeline view now accounts for both slots and reservations
  • Added - Allowing guest names to be saved in all caps
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