Use Concierge Tags to Manage Your Concierge Guests and Allow Them Special Booking Permissions Online

Guest Tags in Resy OS can be designated as 'Concierge' Tags in your Resy OS settings.

To manage your tags:

  1. Tap the restaurant name in the top left corner

  2. Tap 'Settings' > 'Tags'

  3. Tap on an existing guest tag to edit or select 'Add New' to put a new tag in place. 

  4. When creating or editing a guest tag, tap 'Concierge' to designate the tag as a concierge tag. 

Once you tag a guest profile with the Concierge Guest Tag they will immediately have access to Book on Behalf of their guests. If they do not see this option, just refresh!

Concierge Tag Features

Resy OS Visibility & Reporting - Concierge tags are colored purple on the guest profile in Resy OS to help identify concierge guests at a glance. Restaurants on Resy 360 & Full Stack monthly service plans can request custom concierge reports for their Analytics Dashboard to track and report on concierge reservations and booking behavior. 

Concierge Channels - Coming soon! Allocate online inventory to all or specific concierge services allowing concierge access to exclusive inventory online.

Book on Behalf of - Guests with a concierge tag can book on behalf of others when making reservations online through They'll see the option in the booking flow to 'book for me' or 'book on behalf of another guest'. Booking on behalf of a guest will allow the concierge to enter the guest's name, email, and phone number to be listed as the primary reservation contact in Resy OS.

Concierge Reservations View - Guests with a concierge tag will see a new 'Concierge Reservations' view in their profile menu on This will separate their past and upcoming 'Book on Behalf of' reservations from those booked on their personal account.

Multiple Reservations Permission - As a registered concierge, guests with a concierge tag are allowed to book multiple reservations per service period online. This is a restriction for standard Resy guests to eliminate fake reservations and reduce no-shows.

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