Update your restaurant's Listing Information directly from the Resy Dashboard. To access the Venue Settings, after logging in, click the graph icon in the top left corner and select 'Venue' from the dropdown menu. 

You will see the following tabs along the top to choose from: Venue Details, Listing Info, Social, Banking Info, and Widget. Click on Listing Info to update your About, Need to Know, Menu Highlights, and Images.

The About, Need to Know, and Menu Highlights listed here will serve as the default for your restaurant's listing which you can update at any point.

About section is visible to the guest twice when booking a reservation. If on Resy.com or the Resy app, the guest will see this message before they select a reservation time. The guest sees the message again after a reservation time is selected under the Details tab. 

Need to Know section is visible on Resy.com and the Resy app or when the booking widget is opened on your website. Once a guest selects a time, they will no longer see The Need to Know.

Tagline only appears in the Resy app and is underneath your images. This is a short 200 words sentence that briefly describes your restaurant and draw a potential guest in. Our support team can assist you with updating this message.

Menu Highlights
are exclusively listed on the Details tab when a guest books in a bulleted format.

Images are seen on Resy.com and the Resy app and rotate through all the pictures you choose to upload. 10 photos can be added to your Resy listing. The first image will be your main image and included in your confirmation email. It is important that the photos added are .jpeg, horizontal orientation, and 2400 × 1602 resolution. 

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