Restaurants with our Platform 360 and Full Stack packages can customize the content of their emails. Please email if you'd like to upgrade your package.

There are three types of emails your guests receive:  

  • Confirmation Email - the email guests receive when they make a reservation 
  • Cancellation Reply - the email guests receive confirming that they cancelled their reservation
  • Change Reply - the email guests receive to confirm any changes they made to their original reservation

Click here for a detailed view of the standard Resy email content

Customizing Email Content

Restaurants with our Platform 360 and Full Stack packages can customize the content that is included in the body of the confirmation, change & cancellation emails. 

You'll see separate sections to edit the content for the confirmation, change and cancellation emails. Resy emails use dynamic tokens to populate the accurate information for the guest receiving the email based on their reservation details. 

When you've finished editing, click the preview button in the bottom right corner to review your work!

Emails cannot be customized by service period and will include the same messaging for all reservations.

Email Dynamic Tokens

These tokens are listed on top of the content field and can be selected by placing the cursor where you'd like to place the token in the content field and clicking on the dynamic token above. 

  • Salutation - This will automatically add the greeting “Hi First Name," to the email pulling the first name of the guest form the reservation details
  • Venue Name - The name of your restaurant
  • Reservation Day - The day of the week of the guests reservation (Monday, Tuesday, etc)
  • Reservation Date - The calendar day of the guests reservation in full month and date format, without the year
  • Reservation Time - The time of the reservation in the time zone of the restaurant (not the guests time zone if they are booking from elsewhere)
  • Party Size - The number of guests in the reservation
  • Email - This allows you to enter an email address and create the display text the guest will see. For example, "If you need any assistance ahead of your reservation date please contact us here so we can help!"
  • Hyperlink - this allows you to enter a hyper link and create the display text the guest will see. Guests can click the text to be send directly to the destination. For example, "Please visit our website to view our complete Dinner Menu!"

At any point you can preview the email content by clicking on the “Preview’ button in the bottom right corner. We highly recommend this to be sure the dynamic tokens you've selected are giving you the desired result!

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