Exclusive Booking Channels allow you to allocate online reservations to a select group of guests. One or more of your VIP, Concierge, and Guest tags can be used to create an online channel. These channels can be applied to your tables in the availability section of your shift settings.  

How Restaurants are Using Exclusive Booking Channels 

VIPs - Guests with a VIP tag are your most valuable diners. Creating a VIP channel will give your most important guests exclusive options to book online. 

Regulars - Use a 'Regular' VIP tag to create a channel to offer extra online booking options to your repeat diners. 

Concierges - Channel one or more of your concierge tags to offer more online options to partnering concierge groups.

Guest Tags - Use your Guest Tags to create exclusive channels for booking specific guests with those unique tags.

Setting Up Booking Channels

Create and manage your Exclusive Booking Channels from the dropdown menu on your Resy Dashboard. 

1. Click 'Create a Channel' to get started. 

2. Name the channel - This is an internal name that will be listed in your availability settings when applying the channel to your shifts. 

3. Click on one or more of your VIP, Concierge, or Guest Tags to assign them to the channel - Channels can be specific to one tag or allow access for multiple tags. 

4. Choose the expiration time for your channel

5. Then, click 'Create Channel' in the bottom right corner.

Please Note: When the expiration time elapses, the table will revert back to the base availability you have setup for the shift.

View & Manage Channels

The main view on the Exclusive Booking section of the Resy Dashboard will show you all of your existing channels. You can edit or delete a channel by clicking the 3 horizontal dots on the right.

Apply Exclusive Booking Channels to Your Shifts

Use the Service settings in the Resy Dashboard to assign your channels to a recurring shift or as a single day edit. 

Applying channels to your recurring shifts:

1. Click on the Service tab
2.Click Shift Settings
3.Click the 3 horizontal dots on the shift and select 'Edit Shift'

Applying channels to a single day:

1. Click Service
2. Select Calendar
3. Click on the date you'd like to edit
4. Select 'Single Day Edit'

2. From Step 3 'Availability' in the shift editor, click the 'More Customization' button

3. Select the tab labeled "Exclusive Booking Channels" on the top right - The Exclusive Booking Channels section will display the table attributes you have setup as the base availability for reference (Online, In-House or Walk-in.) 

4. Click on a table number or select specific times on a table throughout the shift and choose from the Channels you have setup on the left side panel - From the side panel you can also edit the base availability to online or in-house if you choose.

Please Note: When a channel expires, the tables will always default to the base availability on the table(s) it is applied to for that shift.

6. Click 'Update Availability' in the bottom right corner and 'Update Shift' to save! 

Please Note: The tables you apply an Exclusive Booking Channel to will have the Channels icon on the timeline view. This same icon will display in the ResyOS iPad app timeline view to indicate the table has a channel applied.

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