ResyOS 3.12 


Table Combination View In the ResyOS App 

  • Added a new menu option to "Show Table Combinations" on the timeline view in ResyOS. With "Show Table Combinations" enabled you can now drag and drop to assign reservations and book directly on table combinations from the timeline view.
  • Enhanced logic to the table assignment flow on the floor plan to better guide you to assign reservations to table combinations when no flat tables for the selected party size are available. 
  • How to enable "Show Table Combinations" in ResyOS.

New setting to turn off reservation overlap alerts

  • Added a new setting in the ResyOS app > Settings > Reservations that gives you the option to turn off the in-app reservation overlap alerts. You now have more control over when these alerts fire and when you'd like to turn them off if they are slowing you down during service or pre-service when adjusting table assignments for your shift. 
  • How to enable/disable ResyOS overlap alerts.

Exclusive Booking Channels BETA

  • Resy restaurants on our 360 & Full Stack monthly service plans can now have access to 'Exclusive Booking Channels' allowing you to allocate online reservations to your concierge and/or VIP guests exclusively. If you're interested in trying out this new feature let your Resy Account Manger know or chat Resy support and we'll help enable your access. Click here to learn more about the Exclusive Booking Channels Feature 


  • Fixed an issue where reservations plotted at the start/end of a shift were still showing up in the reservation list for both the current and adjacent shift. 
  • Fixed an issue where changes to the turn time were not sticking when the reservation was larger than the max party size of the table they were plotted on. 
  • Updated logic so that dragging a reservation to a table on a future date would not update the reservation status to Seated, even when the "drag to seat" setting is turned on. 
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