Timeline View Booking Mode

Enter Booking Mode by selecting the party size you are booking for from the options listed at the top of the timeline view. 

When using Booking Mode on the Timeline:

  • The timeline view will only show your online & in-house tables available for the selected party size eliminating other tables from view

  • Combined tables will show up on the list if they are bookable by the selected party size

  • The timeline will reflect the table availability (online & in-house) for each 15 min increment increasing visibility to help you make the best choice

  • Online tables will be listed in a darker shade where they are not currently bookable/online due to the turn time for the selected party size conflicting with another reservation

  • Green check marks are listed on the timeline view to help guide you to the best choice for your open online tables. They will show limited options when you have open availability and as you fill up they'll adjust to guide you to where you can book for a guest while still achieving max turns with regards to your pacing. 

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