Online Reservations: If you have set up a cancellation or no show policy or prepaid ticketing for your reservations, your guests will be prompted to input their credit card information when booking online. 

In-House Reservations: When booking in-house you will be prompted to input credit card information in the booking flow. 

Please Note: If you would like to allow certain users to bypass this credit card requirement when booking in-house, you can give them the permission to 'Book without Payment'. Read this article for more information on how to give that permission. 

How to ADD Payment Information to a Reservation:

  1. Begin the booking flow by selecting the booking button in the top right corner 

  2. Select date, time and table type 

  3. Enter guest name, phone number and notes

  4. Select between two payment options

Option 1: If the guest already has payment information on file you will be prompted with the option to select that card or to add a new one.

Option 2: If the guest doesn't have a credit card on file, you will need to select the 'Add Payment' prompt in the bottom right hand corner. 

If you've selected to enter a new card you will be prompted to fill out all fields. 

How to see if a reservation has payment information on file:

  1. Go to date of reservation

  2. Locate the booked list and tap on the reservation in question

  3. Select the History tab

  4. The History tab will notate when the reservation was made, who made the reservation and if payment information was added.

Please Note: Once you add a credit card to a guest's profile it will remain in the system for you to use for future bookings.

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