If you have set up a cancellation policy, no show policy, or prepay for your reservations, your guests will be prompted to input their credit card information when booking online. 

When you're booking in-house your team will also be prompted to input that information. If you would like to allow certain users to bypass this credit card requirement when booking in-house, you can give them the permission to 'Book without Payment'. Read this article for more info on how to give that permission. 

If you would like to then bypass the credit card requirement while booking simply ignore the 'Add Payment' button after entering the guest's contact information. Click directly on the green 'Reserve' button. To confirm that you'd like to book the reservation without payment, the following pop-up will appear. Tap on 'Book without payment' to continue.

If the guest already has a credit card associated with their profile, deselect the credit card first and then tap on the green 'Reserve' button. To deselect the card, tap on the number in the bottom right hand corner. 

You can then reference that the credit card requirement was bypassed during book by looking at the history tab of the reservation. After tapping on the reservation on your booked list. Tap on the History tab and expand the visit you would like to look at. For those booked without payment you'll see "without a credit card".

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