While managing your reservations you may have noticed the list above your waitlist titled 'Notify'. 

Your Notify list functions similarly to a waitlist, unlike a typical waitlist Notify works to capture guest who are interested in dining with you even if you do not currently have availability.  Once added Notify will alert guests interested in dining with you if there is a cancellation or a table opens up at the time they are interested in. 

To add a guest to you Notify List tap on the ( + ) symbol on the list header. The Notify module will open up, here you will select the date and time range a guest would be interested in dining with you, then add the guest information as usual. Please note you will need an email address associated with the guest in order to save them to your Notify list. 

Guests can also add themselves to the Notify list via resy.com, the Resy app or your Resy booking widget. 

On Resy.com or the widget the Notify appears underneath the booking calendar.  Guest will tap on the 'Notify Me' button and be prompted to enter the time range they would be interested in 

Guest can also set Notify on the Resy App though the interface looks a bit different the workflow is the same. 

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