Social media is a vital key to your restaurant's overall marketing, and that marketing is even more effective if your social media is executed well. Maintaining your accounts may seem daunting, but with these tips + tricks you can easily create a voice for your restaurant that will attract diners and keep them coming back to your account.

Posting Schedule + Cadence

  • We recommend posting everyday, whether it be main feed or story.

  • Posts should include any hours changes, menu specials, or #ProTips to encourage followers to stay engaged with your content.

  • Ex: If you mention our IG story tonight at dinner you’ll get a round of wine/champagne/etc. on the house!


  • Followers like to feel like they’re following a person rather than a brand, so humanizing your voice as much as possible is key.

  • Feature servers, bartenders, bar backs, chefs, etc. as “ characters” in order to build a following that’s dedicated to “tuning in” to what’s going on with your restaurant each day.

  • Staff highlights are always a fun idea:

Photography Tips:

  • We recommend using a DSLR camera if possible, but an iPhone will do fine!

  • For food photos, natural light will be your best friend so carry the dish to the nearest window.

  • If possible, shut off any synthetic light within the restaurant before you start shooting.

  • Find a clean surface for your photos, preferably something with texture like wood or marble, even a wooden floor will do the trick.

  • To maximize your social content, there are four shots of each dish you should aim to take.

  • Top down: 

  • 45 degree angle (closer up on details):

  • Lifestyle (adding of human element):

  • Group shots:

Engagement/Algorithm Tips:

Instagram Algorithm Tips:

  • To avoid being flagged as spam, use no more than 30 hashtags per post.

  • Instagram is restricting exposure based off of your engagement. We recommend responding to comments left on your posts within 60 minutes. Otherwise, your post's visibility will gradually decrease.

  • Instagram is now keeping a close watch on the number of words in a comment. So, in order for a comment to "count" towards your engagement, it must have 6+ words in it (emojis do not count). 

Instagram Hashtags:

  • We recommend using 5-7 unique hashtags per post.

  • Using the same hashtags over and over will widen your chances to be seen as a bot, and may lead to Instagram hiding your posts from followers. Switching up hashtags is the move. 2-3 of the hashtags can be specific to your restaurant and can be used consistently. The remaining hashtags should include details about the photo's location, specific items, etc. 

  • Hashtags that you post in the comments of your post will no longer display under search results. You must now include hashtags in the body of your caption.

We encourage you to post often and engage with Resy on all your social media channels. Include a reservation link in all of your posts and tag us. Throw a “book now on our website — link in bio — or on” to the end of each of your captions. We'll be on the look out for your posts!


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