ResyOS app version 3.15


Move to a PUSH System for Guest Reservation Actions in ResyOS - Actions made to guest/reservation profiles in ResyOS will now sync instantly between devices. The following actions have been updated to PUSH with version 3.15: 

  • Table Status Updates
  • Adding Guest Tags and Notes
  • Edits to Waitlist Parties
  • Edits to Guests on the Notify List
  • Table Assignment Changes
  • SMS Messages Sent/Received

This is V1 of our migration to a PUSH system. We are working to add server stat updates, floor plan configuration edits, shift setting updates & venue detail edits in a future release. 

Single-Day Table Availability Updates From the iPad - You can now update the table availability for a single shift on a single day directly from the iPad. Edit tables to in-house, online or walk-in for the whole shift or a custom timeframe. 


  • Fixed an issue where 15-minute blocks would not show up on the timeline. Now they will show the same grey diagonal lines. 

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