Guests Can Add Themselves to Your Waitlist Through the Resy Consumer App

  • Guests within a short distance of your restaurant will see the option to add themselves to your waitlist. Check out the Mobile Waitlist City Radius List for more details

  • Guests are quoted a dynamic estimated wait time based on the last quoted wait time for their party size

  • Guests will receive all waitlist SMS communications for real time updates and two-way communication with the host stand

  • Mobile Waitlist is currently available through the Resy app (iOS) and for party sizes of 1-4 guests.

  • Mobile Waitlist is not currently available when using, Widget, Third Party Links, or Android but we are working on this functionality in future.


Print out a PDF to educate your guests about using this feature!

How to Manage Your Mobile Waitlist in ResyOS

The Mobile Waitlist feature syncs seamlessly with the in-house waitlist in ResyOS. Guests that add themselves to the waitlist from the Resy Consumer App will show up in ResyOS on your waitlist in the 'On the way' status. 

Manage Your Mobile Waitlist Parties Alongside Your In-house Waitlist

  • Edit the quoted wait time to auto-update the guest with a text message

  • Edit the waitlist status to 'Wait: Table Ready' to trigger a text message update to the guest

  • All waitlist guests can cancel by texting back '9' if their plans change and confirm by texting '1' when they get alerted that their table is ready

  • Click here for a full walkthrough on How to Use the Automated Waitlist SMS Feature in ResyOS.

Mobile Waitlist Control is in Your Hands at the Host Stand

  • The green 'open' icon at the top of the waitlist indicates the remote waitlist feature is online

  • Tap the 'open' icon to access your waitlist control panel

  • Toggle Mobile waitlist off from the control panel to disable the feature completely

  • Snooze the live waitlist for 30/60/90 minutes to disable the feature temporarily at peak times during your shift

  • View the last quoted wait times by party size

Read more about why this is important here.

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