Automate Waitlist SMS in ResyOS

With the automated waitlist SMS feature, the following text messages will be sent to the guests on your waitlist.

Waitlist Text Message Language:

  • When a guest is added to the waitlist: You’ve been added to the waitlist at (restaurant name)! The estimated wait for your (party size) is (wait time host inputs). We’ll text you here when your table is ready.

  • When you update the guest's wait time: We’ve updated your estimated wait time to (updated number of minutes), starting now. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to seat you.

  • When you updates table status to "Wait: Table Ready":  Your table at (restaurant name) is ready! We’ll hold it for 10 minutes. Please text 1 to confirm or 9 if you are no longer able to make it, and we’ll remove you from the waitlist.   

  • When the guest replies '1' to confirm: Great, see you soon.

  • When the guest replies '9' to cancel: Thank you for the update. You have been removed from the list.

Viewing text message conversations on your waitlist:

  • All automated and manually sent text messages appear in the Messages tab of the reservation details panel. Tap the waitlist profile to open and then tap 'Messages' to view the conversation. 

  • A red talk bubble icon will appear on the waitlist profile if a new manual SMS has been received from the guest. 

Disabling waitlist texts for a party

  • You may want to disable waitlist texts for a particular guest. To do that, tap the vertical dot menu icon in the guest profile. Texts can be re-enabled for that guest at any time following the same steps. 

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