ResyOS app version 3.16


  • Resy Assigned vs. User Assigned tables - This release has a new feature that indicates what tables have been auto-assigned to a reservation by Resy (light italics) or assigned manually by a user (bold).  The distinction is shown on the reservation list and you have the option to hide auto-assigned reservations on the floor plan view. This setting can be turned on or off in ResyOS by tapping the Restaurant Name > Settings > Reservations. Read more about this new feature in the Resy Help Desk


  • Enhanced iPad Performance to help the app run smoothly during peak service hours. These enhancements continue on the work we did in the last update to propagate updates to users and reservations in real time. 
  • Fixed infrequent app crashes during the booking flow in ResyOS when adding tags and notes to a reservation profile. 
  • Fixed the 'Book on Behalf of' flow in ResyOS to eliminate the infrequent cases of the app crashing. 
  • Fixed a UI bug where the text box was visible when adding a note in the book on behalf of flow. 
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new guest during the 'Book on Behalf of' flow was not working as intended. 
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