How to Create a Prepaid Event

In this example, we've created a prepaid event called "Seasonal Tasting Menu" with seating times from 6pm to 9pm.  The image below is how the prepaid event will be displayed on the event listing page. 

Set-up your Pacing for the Event

To maximize booking options & ticket sales, we'll rely on pacing to give you the desired flow for online reservation while keeping your table availability online to allow maximum options to your guests.

  • The pacing you set can never be exceeded with online reservations, allowing you to control the flow of covers for your event throughout the shift.
  • While booking in-house, you'll see a visual warning (pacing will turn red) when your pacing is at capacity. However, you will be allowed to exceed pacing when you choose to if a table is available. 
  • Even when pacing is available, reservations will not be bookable if your table capacity is full. When a table is not available, online reservations are completely restricted and in-house reservations are limited to 'Unassigned' reservations in cases where you make the choice to overbook. 

How To Edit Your Event Pacing

  1. In the Event Editor, you'll find your pacing settings in 'Step 2 Service Settings'
  2. By default, your pacing will be set to 10 covers each 15 minutes from the event start time to the event end time.
  3. Click 'Show Custom Pacing' to further edit by 15 minutes to allow more control.

Set-up your Availability for the Event

When optimizing for flexible booking options, you'll want to keep your table availability open and online

  • It's recommended to primarily use 'Online' availability for flexible booking so that your pacing can control the flow of booked covers
  •  For more direct control, you can also choose to hold a small portion of your availability in-house  

How To Edit Your Table Availability

  1. In the Shift Editor you'll find your availability settings in 'Step 3 Availability'
  2. By default, your tables will be set to online and you can adjust by table type from the main view. 
  3. Click 'More Customization' to further edit by table, allowing you to adjust specific tables and specific times to in-house or walk-in. 

Finalize and Create Your Event 

  1. In Step 5 'Event Marketing' where you'll add images and content. 
  2. Click 'Create Event' in the bottom right corner to SAVE
  3. Allow a moment for the Event to show accurately online!

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