Seating Times

In this example, we'll be creating a Wine Dinner with a seating at 6pm and at 8pm using our availability settings and pacing to limit the booking options to these fixed times. The result will look like the image below on the event listing page. 


Regulate the covers you want to drive for each of your seatings times with your pacing

  1. In the Event Editor you'll find your pacing settings in 'Step 2 Service Settings'.

  2. By default your pacing will be set to 10 covers each 15 minutes from the event start time to the event end time.

  3. Click 'Show Custom Pacing' to further edit by 15 minutes to allow more control.

  4. Set the pacing to the max covers desired for the 6pm and 8pm seatings times. All other times will be set to 0 pacing. 


Editing Your Table Availability With Fixed Seating Times

  1. In the Event Editor you'll find your availability settings in 'Step 4 Availability'. By default your tables will be set to online and you can adjust by table type form the main view. 

  2. For fixed seating times, you'll want to edit your availability so that only your desired seating times are bookable online.

  3. Any reservation times outside of your fixed seating times should be set to walk-in. Walk-in tables can't be booked online or in-house which will keep all of your reservations at the desired seating times. See the example below. 

  4. You can use the in-house availability to restrict some reservations from online booking if you need to hold anything back or utilize Exclusive Booking Channels to offer online reservations to your VIP or concierge guests. 

Finalize your event in Step 5 'Event Marketing' where you'll add images and content. Click 'Create Event' in the bottom right corner to save! 


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