The Resy Slots feature is available for restaurant partners on our 360 and Full Stack monthly service plans. If you'd like to consider an upgrade please contact your Resy Account Manager or chat Resy Support. 

This article will guide you through setting up an event using slots to allow a unique experience at different seating times.

In this example, we'll be creating a Valentines Day Pre-Fix event with a five course dinner at 6pm and an eight course dinner at 8:30pm. The result will look like the image below on the event listing page. 


Regulate the covers you want to drive for each of your seatings times with your pacing

  1. In the Event Editor you'll find your pacing settings in 'Step 2 Service Settings'.
  2. By default your pacing will be set to 10 covers each 15 minutes from the event start time to the event end time.
  3. Click 'Show Custom Pacing' to further edit by 15 minutes to allow more control.
  4. Set the pacing to the max covers desired for the 6pm and 8pm seatings times. All other times will be set to 0 pacing. 


To optimize your event with slots to offer custom experiences by time you'll want to adjust your base table availability and create your slots in the Events Editor, Step 4 'Availability'.

Click 'More Customization' to access the availability settings.

Set all of your base availability to 'walk-in'. You're going to rely on slots to optimize this type of setup and we don't want anything online or bookable outside of your slots. Walk-in availability as the base will prevent this from happening. 

Click on the 'Slots' tab up top and select the start time for each slot you'd like to create. You'll choose the min/max party size and online/in-house details for the slot from the left panel. 

Continue to build your slots until you have the desired amount of slots in place for each seating. 

Ticket Packages

Now that your slots are built, you'll create your different ticket packages in Step 4 'Ticket Settings'. Each 'Ticket Package' you create will represent a different experience you'd like to offer. Each 'Ticket Package' can have a unique price, online display name, content and cancellation/refund policy. Click 'Create Ticket' to get started. 

Edit the ticket name, price, content, turn times & cancellation/refund policy for each ticket package you create and click 'Create Ticket' at the bottom to save. You'll see the details of each ticket package you've created summed up in the main view and click 'Assign Slots' to continue. 

You'll see a separate tab for each ticket package you've created. Go through each tab and assign your slots to the appropriate package. In this example, we're assigning the '5 Course Tasting' ticket package to our slots at 6pm and the '8 Course Tasting' ticket package to our slots at 8pm. 

Finalize your event in Step 5 'Event Marketing' where you'll add images and content. Click 'Create Event' in the bottom right corner to save! 

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