To create an event you'll need to login to the Resy Dashboard and click the graph icon in the top left corner to access the dropdown menu. Click 'Events' near the top of the list to be directly to your Events Management page.  

If this is your first event with Resy, you'll only see the option to 'Create Event'. If you have other upcoming or past Resy events you'll see them listed on your Event Management page where you can check your ticket sales, make event edits & copy past events to create a new experience. Click 'Create Event' to get started with a new event. 

When you enter the Event Creator you'll be given a choice between 'General Admission' and 'Assigned Seating' events. These are the two event types Resy supports. Make the appropriate choice depending on the experience you'd like to offer.

General admission is best for events where guests can flow freely throughout the event and don't need to stay tied to an assigned space. The amount of tickets you can sell is up to you and is not tied to your floor plan. Examples include open bar fundraisers, New Year's Eve parties, and live music concerts.

Assigned seating is best for events where guests have a pre-determined seat that they will stay at for the majority of the night. You can only sell as many tickets as you have seats on your floor plan. Examples include wine dinners, prix fixe meals, and Valentine's Day reservations.

Click one of the below links for next steps based on your event type:

How to Create a General Admission Event
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