Customizing your guest communications for an event is a great way to make your event stand out from normal day to day interactions and showcase your brand voice. Resy's automated texts and emails help free up your team's time from chasing down confirmations and reminding upcoming guests about their reservation.

To start, navigate to the online Resy Dashboard. Start by heading to the Events tab by clicking the graph icon in the top left corner and selecting 'Events' from the dropdown menu.

If your event is Live, navigate to the Live section on the Events Management page, click on the three horizontal dots, and select to Edit Guest Communications. If your event is Upcoming, navigate to the Upcoming section of the Event Management page and click Customize Guest Communications in the checklist.

There are three types of outbound customer-facing communications you can customize: Confirmation Emails, Confirmation Texts, and the Reminder Text.

  • Confirmation Emails - The emails guest receive when they make, cancel, or change a reservation. These are sent automatically based on guest action.

  • Confirmation Texts - Allows guests to confirm or cancel through SMS saving you time from manual confirmations and encouraging timely cancellations to give you the best shot to resell tickets when guests plans change. These are sent automatically based on a time that you choose in advance of your event.

  • Reminder Text - Let your guest know about any important details before attending. This is sent automatically based on a time that you choose in advance of your event.

Confirmation Emails

The confirmation email default text says, "You're confirmed for EVENT NAME on EVENT DATE. We look forward to celebrating with you!" While this might work for your event, customize the text to fit your specific situation. The blue words above the text box are Dynamic Tokens and change based on specific characteristics of the person receiving the text. You can insert them into your email by clicking on them. For more information about the different dynamic tokens, click here for a detailed look at Guest Communications.

Further customize your email communication by editing your Cancellation and Change Reply correspondence.

Confirmation Texts

The confirmation default text says, "You're booked at VENUE NAME for EVENT NAME at RESERVATION TIME. To confirm, please reply 'confirm'. To cancel, use 'cancel'. (You can make any other changes in the Resy app.)" In addition to being able to customize the copy, you can also choose the time that this message goes out before your event in days, hours, or minutes.

Further customize your confirmation texts by editing your Confirmation Reply and Cancellation Reply to match your brand voice.

Reminder Text

The reminder default text says, "We're excited to see you at VENUE NAME tomorrow for EVENT NAME." Different from the Confirmation Text, there is no action the guest needs to take when they receive this message - it is simply an additional reminder that can be customized by time. If you have important information to share, like updated parking or transit information, or changes to the menu, you can add those to the text here.

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