Training exercises are critical to ensure your team is well versed in ResyOS before using the systemduring a real, live shift. Here are some suggestions and tips to help get you comfortable with the iPadapp:

Note: We highly recommend watching Resy training videos, reviewing the Help Desk, or attending atraining webinar ( prior to anin-house training exercise. You should have basic knowledge of ResyOS before getting started.

Mock Service Role Play

Ask your Implementation Specialist to import reservations for a shift without guest contact information OR you can manually enter in test reservations using your team members phone numbers.

Team members can take turns role-playing as guests walking into the restaurant. 

Scenario 1: 

Guest Requests

  1. Add a walk-in 

  2. Add a guest to the waitlist

  3. Request a table change

  4. Increase party size

  5. Inform the host of a special occasion for the visit & add notes and tags to a guest profile

  6. Request a combination of the above scenarios

Manager Requests

  1. Disable online reservations 

  2. Close out a date in the future 

  3. Block a table for a VIP

Scenario 2

Live Service Shadow

  • Set up two iPads at the host stand- one running your current reservation system, and one running ResyOS. (If you only have 1 iPad you can switch between systems)

  • Mimic the actions taken in your current system in ResyOS. Ex: If you check in a guest and seat them at table 12 on your current system, check in the guest and seat them at table 12 on Resy

We recommend running this exercise for 1-2 shifts prior to going live with Resy. A combination of a slower and busier shift is recommended.

Pro-Tip: Keep a notebook nearby to write down questions and request a follow up call with your implementation specialist.

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