The Week Prior to Launch

Review Your Table Availability

On the Timeline screen review the Table Inventory for each table

  • Online: Can be booked by guests through, the booking widget, and other online channels, as well as through ResyOS

  • In-House: Can only be booked through ResyOS

  • Walk-In: Reserved for walk-ins only

Review Your Floor Plan

On the Floor Plan screen check your seating capacities. The black circles are the minimum number of guests and the total circles are the maximum number of guests that can book on the table.

Review Date Closures 

Ensure all holidays and scheduled closures are closed out in ResyOS. Click on the Calendar icon (top right) to open the calendar and close out dates. 

Review your shifts

  • You can manage all of your shift details through the Online Dashboard by going to Once logged in: 

  • Click on the icon on the top left corner

  • Click on Service

  • Toggle to the Shift Settlings page to make changes to your base shifts, including pacing, turn times, and table availability

  • Toggle to the Calendar page to make single day edits

Once live on Resy

View your listing on and confirm the following:

  • Reservation Availability

  • Photos 

  • Venue and Reservation Copy

  • Address & Map location

View the widget on your website and confirm the following

If you need assistance with your widget, please contact your implementation specialist

  • The widget is installed correctly

  • Guests are able to book

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