What determines online reservation availability? 

Both your pacing and table inventory determine online reservations. We recommend setting your dining room tables to Online and controlling the flow of guests with pacing. If you have specific tables to hold back for walk-ins or in-house bookings, then customize availability by table in Step 3 of your shift(s). Updating shifts can be password protected in the Dashboard.

What if a guests phone number is owned by another guest or listed under Alternate Number? 

Resy uses phone numbers as a unique identifier so a phone number can only be tied to one guest. If the wrong guest name is tied to a phone number, use the ‘Right number, wrong guest?’ flow when booking a reservation. Enter the correct guest name and continue booking the reservation. A text message will go out to the number asking the guest to verify they’re trying to book at your restaurant. Once verified, the number will be tied to the new guest

What is Off Market Time? 

The off-market time determines when online reservations are no longer available for guests to book. Customize your off-market time in Step 4 of your shift(s). 

How do I shut off reservations during service? 

The ‘Disable Online Reservations’ feature in the iPad will turn off all online availability. To access the feature, tap on the three vertical dots on the top right of ResyOS. Toggle off ‘Online Reservations Enabled’ and hit ‘Apply’. A red bar will appear at the top of your screen confirming reservations have been disabled for the shift. This feature can be password protected in the Dashboard.

Where can I find a cover breakdown and other reporting?

The Analytics page in ResyOS or the online Dashboard. 

Where can I see all the turns plotted to a table? 

The timeline view will show you all reservations and the duration of each turn on a table. The floorplan view will show you the times of each reservation plotted to a table when the turn time icon is On (small green icon with two arrows to the left of Server assignments).

How do I change my password?

Reset your password through the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the ResyOS and Dashboard login pages. 

Will Resy auto-print chits for reservations & walk-ins?

Yes, you can turn on auto chit printing by tapping on the restaurant name→ Settings→ Printing→ Toggle on ‘Auto print chits when seated’ For All. 

How do I contact Support?

Our live in-app chat is available 10:00 am- 11:00 pm EST and extends to 1:00 am EST Thursday- Saturday. Live chat Support is available through ResyOS or by email at resysupport@resy.com

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