1. Adjust online availability

  • Adjust SOME for an extended period of time: In the Resy Dashboard under Step 3 in your Shift Settings, update the tables in your dining room that should NOT be available for bookings to WALK-IN. This will immediately remove booking availability for those tables. Please note you may have existing reservations assigned to those tables that will need to be re-assigned.


  • Remove ALL for a short window of time: Close out specific dates from the calendar in iOS. Tap the calendar icon in the upper right corner, Tap and Hold on the date you wish to close, and Tap Close Day. You can also do this from the calendar in the Resy Dashboard.


  • Remove ALL for an extended period of time: In the Resy Dashboard under Venue, Listing Info update your Booking Window to 0 days. This will immediately remove your online availability for all future days.

2. Cancel existing reservations

Auto Cancel existing reservations: Fill out this form and we will automatically cancel ALL reservations for your specified dates. This will send a cancellation email to guests letting them know about this cancellation. Entries are submitted Mon-Fri at 5pm EST. If you wish to cancel a specific type of scheduled bookings, please do so manually from your iPad.

3. Update your Resy listing

Update your Need to Know section on your Resy listing to communicate with guests that you are temporarily closed. In the Resy Dashboard, go to the Venue, Venue Listing Info and add any additional information. If you are removing what is currently listed, be sure to save the verbiage somewhere.

4. Contact recent diners

If you are re-closing your doors, it is likely because you were informed of a confirmed COVID-19 case being in your building. If needed, there is a Contact Tracing report in the Analytics portal of your Resy Dashboard. You can easily export and contact any guests that may have been affected.

Please keep us informed if you decide to temporarily close. During this rapidly changing time, we want to ensure that we have all the information needed to best support our partners.

If you need any assistance we are here for you. Chat the Resy Support Team through the ResyOS app or from our online Dashboard or email us at resysupport@resy.com Click here for more information on How to Contact Resy Support.

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