First, swipe left on the reservation from your booked list in ResyOS to bring up the cancellation pop-up. 

If the reservation is being cancelled after the cancellation time you'll see the option to toggle ON 'refund payment' if you choose to refund the guest. Select your name from the accountability screen and tap 'confirm cancellation' to complete!

A record of the refund will be listed in the guest's reservation history and the guest will see the funds back in their account in approximately 3-5 business days. 

PLEASE NOTE - Any guest who cancels online before the cancellation time will be automatically refunded. If a guest cancels online past the cancellation time there will not be a way to refund the guest in ResyOS. To approve and issue a refund for a reservation that is already cancelled, please contact the Resy Support team via live chat in ResyOS or the online Dashboard or by emailing

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