This article will walk you through how to view all text message conversations in ResyOS and how to identify manual text messages vs the automated text messages Resy sends to your guests.  

Viewing Text Message Conversations for Your Reservation, Waitlist & Notify Guests

To view a text message conversation in ResyOS, tap the guest profile from the reservation list, waitlist or notify list. From there, tap the CHAT tab to open the text message view. 

Automated Messages

Automated messages are differentiated with a white text box and an “Auto Reply” identifier next to the date/time stamp. Automated text messages include the confirmation text, reservation reminder text & waitlist text flows. For more information on the automated text message language and timing, click here.

Manual Messages

Manual text messages are differentiated with a grey text box. Manual text messages include any text messages from your guests or sent manually to your guests in ResyOS. For more information on best practices for sending manual text messages to your guests and how to utilize Resy 'Quick Replies' for outbound manual messages, click here.  

Viewing Guest Text Message History

You can view a guest's text message history from your guestbook. Search for the guest in the guestbook by name, phone or email and tap their name from the list to open the profile. From there, tap the CHAT tab to open the text message history view. Here you'll see a preview of all past text message conversations sorted by date. Tap into any conversation preview to read the entire back and forth.

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